Second Galaxy Banking Policy
Second Galaxy Banking Policy

The offering interest or any direct return on investment (whether in SG$ or other currency) from any object, such as an ATM, located in Second Galaxy, without proof of an applicable government registration statement or financial institution charter is prohibited. This applies to inworld investment funds, stock offerings, and banking services and the like.

Virtual World Research LLC will remove any virtual ATMs or other objects that facilitate inworld "banking," that is, that offer interest or a rate of return on Second Galaxy dollars invested or deposited. Those who continue to offer these services may be sanctioned with suspension, termination of accounts, and loss of land.

Usually, Virtual World Research LLC lets Residents decide how to act, live, or play in Second Galaxy, but unregulated inworld "banks" bring substantial economic risks to Second Galaxy. Offering unsustainably high interest rates, they are in most cases doomed to collapse, leaving depositors with nothing to show for their investment.

This prohibition does not apply to companies that submit a registration statement, charter, or other applicable licenses from a governing regulatory authority or those merely conducting marketing or education, but not accepting payments.

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