Second Galaxy Community Standards
Community Standards for Second Galaxy

Intolerance is not tolerated.

Any text or actions related to the marginalization of any race, gender, sexual preference or affiliation will not be tolerated. Again, disputes will rely on the onus of proof bearing with the claimant. Second Galaxy is an adult environment. That said, there will likely be areas that content of an 'adult' nature available. Any content and/or interaction of an 'adult' nature (sexual, violent or pornographic) must remain enclosed. i.e. not in full view in the environment.

While Second Galaxy is an adult environment, sexual age play is strictly forbidden. Any evidence of such shall immediately render the offenders accounts and alternates as banned. Virtual World Research LLC shall not be liable for any form of reimbursement.

Second Galaxy mainland is to be kept free of all rated R items. Violation of this may result in loss of the region for the owner, or incurred cost to move owner to a Private Isle.

Second Galaxy mainland is a community standard, as such, ad farms will not be tolerated. Violation will result in ads being removed and/or region reclamation.

Second Galaxy mainland is a neighborhood of many people, unsightly ads or offensive materials are not welcomed. Violation will result in removal.

Harassment in any form or fashion will not be tolerated. The onus of proof lies with the claimant but, will be dealt with accordingly. Flame wars, outright attacks, and defamation are forbidden. This should be common sense and Virtual World Research LLC will assume the adult user has some.

Dissemination of information relating to another persons real life identity (including but not limited to links, names, addresses, etc) without their consent is forbidden. Violators may be subject to termination.

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