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Frequently Asked Questions
We know visitors to our grid and our website often have questions about our grid. So we have listed the most commonly asked questions about our grid here. If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to ask us by submitting a contact request via our contact page in the support menu.
Who is the Second Galaxy Development Team?
The Second Galaxy Development Team is responsible for developing, running, and maintaining Second Galaxy, as shown in our Terms of Service. Our LLC is located in Maine, and any legal correspondence may be directed to:

By Mail:

Virtual World Research LLC

    109 Marion Drive Room 306
    Van Buren, Maine 04785
The founder of the Second Galaxy Development Team and Virtual World Research Inc. is: Emperor Starfinder (Second Galaxy Name) - Fred Hendrickson There are 10 Core Developers, 4 Assistant Core Developers, and 9 support staff who comprise the Second Galaxy Development Team Each of member of the development team brings a different skill set to the grid and the development team, between software engineers, to customer support, and technical debugging. We have 10+ years of development experience, 20+ years of customer service, and that doesn't include our volunteers and their experience levels.
What is Second Galaxy?
Second Galaxy is a Virtual World where your imagination is the only limit to the things you can create, see, and do!
What is the minimum age to be on Second Galaxy?
The minimum age to be on Second Galaxy is 18. If you are under 18 you cannot be registered on our adult grid. We are working on a teen grid for individuals under the age of 18.
How much does it cost to upload content to Second Galaxy?
There are absolutely no fees for uploading content such as: Animations Clothing Gestures Mesh Photos Scripts Textures We do not plan to ever charge a fee for uploads. This makes it easier for our members to create and upload their content without worrying about whether they can afford the upload fee.
What types of regions can I get in Second Galaxy?
The regions Second Galaxy currently offers are as follows:
  • Full Region - A full region supports 45,000 Primitives or objects. It can be zoned for residential or commercial. Full regions are the only regions in Second Galaxy where you can have a club or another type of entertainment value.
  • Homestead Region - A homestead region supports 30,000 Primitives or objects. It can be zoned for residential or light commercial. Second Galaxy does not permit clubs or other forms of entertainment venues or heavy commercial businesses on homestead regions.
  • Landscape (Open Space) Region - A landscape (Open Space) region supports 20,000 Primitives or objects. It can be zoned for residential or beaches. Second Galaxy does not permit clubs or other forms of entertainment venues or commercial businesses on landscape (Open Space) regions.
  • How much does a region cost?
    Regions in Second Galaxy have the following prices:
    Full Region USD$ 50.00
    Homestead Region USD$ 35.00
    Landscape (openspace) Region USD$ 20.00
    Setup Fee USD$ 0.00
    Note: There will be a period of time that region purchases will remain disabled while the grid gets going to ensure the in-galaxy economy can become stable for all of our members.
    I ordered a region but I have not received it yet. Why?
    The Second Galaxy Development Team must first wait to be sure that payment has been received and verified by Paypal. Typically for a payment to post as completed this can take anywhere from a few minutes to 7-10 business days. Upon receipt of confirmation that the payment processing has been approved and completed, then the Second Galaxy Development Team will provision your region and let you know when it is ready for you to access. If for some reason after the 7-10 business days your order has not been provisioned, we encourage you to look in your paypal transaction info to see if it completed. If it did you can email your transaction proof with a copy of your order details to for us to review.
    As a content creator, I am concerned about offering free shops in-galaxy
    By offering free shops to content creators, not only are we helping our content creators get started, but additionally we are helping to get good content on the grid for all members. Just simply submit a request to the development team for a free shop once you have created your account on Second Galaxy and we will be glad to help you get set up.
    Can I bring content from other grids?
    Yes, you can bring content from other grids. However, to keep in compliance with DMCA (Digital Media Copyright Act), you will need to ask the creator of the content you wish to bring over to provide a copy to you on Second Galaxy. If you, however, are the creator of the content then you can obviously bring the content over without the need for permission. Remember the Second Galaxy Development Team cannot legislate the law. The Digital Media Copyright Act is in the sole province of the United States Congress to legislate. If you believe you have found content, that you know you created on our grid being sold by others who are claiming to be the creator please use our DMCA complain process to let us know.
    What scripting languages does Second Galaxy support?
    Second Galaxy supports the following scripting languages:
  • LSL - Linden Scripting Language (example: llSay();)
  • SGSL = Second Galaxy Scripting Language (example: sgSay();)
  • SGSL is the official scripting language of Second Galaxy. More information about our scripting support can be found at Second Galaxy Scripting Wiki
    Does Second Galaxy support mesh and bento for avatars?
    Yes, Second Galaxy does support both mesh and bento for avatars and other content on our grid.
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